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7 Spot Ladybrids. Mating
7 Spot Ladybrids. Mating , the one on top has a dent in its shell
Earwig Predatory Bug Leaf Weevil Carabid Beetle, or Ground Beetle Earwig Cranefly Woodlouse Green Shield Bug Forest Bug Eysarcoris fabricii. Pie Sheild Bug. Dolycoris baccarum. Sloe Shield Bug. Wasp Beetle Strangalia Maculata Oedemera livida. Flower Beetle. Pyrochroa serraticornis. Cardinal Beetle. Pond Skaters Chrysomela, Mint Leaf Beetle Subcoccinella 24-punctata. 24-spot Ladybirds. Mating 7 Spot Ladybrids. Mating 2 Spot Ladybrid Halzia-16-guttata. 16 Spot Ladybrid 14 Spot Ladybird
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